Printed Services

Curry Printing is a full service printer, which means we can do just about anything. In addition to printing, we provide the following services to help you complete your project.

Signs & Wide Format

Signs & Wide Format


Signs & Wide Format

According to HP Color Effectiveness Study conducted by InfoTrend, printing in color increases readership by over 80%! Imagine how powerful color printing is when blown up extra, extra large! Our state-of-the-art and top-of-the-line wide format color equipment means that you will see your posters, banners, signage and display pieces printed in the highest quality and resolution on the best media, and finished exactly the way you need them to be. Indoor or outdoor, hanging or mounted, we can do it all. Bring some color to your next event, trade show or meeting, or just brighten up your office with some inspirational posters or pictures of your team or clients! We will help you through the process of either taking your own files, or designing a gorgeous poster for you from scratch. Let us handle the details, you just reap the rewards and accolades associated with high-impact, wide format color graphics. Call us at 410.685.2679 and let’s go over your next poster or banner project right now!

Printed promotional materials

Promotional Items


Promotional Items

A study published by L.J. Market Research indicates that 52% of respondents did business with an advertiser after receiving a promotional item. That’s more than half! Additionally, people hang on to these items, sometimes for years. How much benefit would that bring to your organization, having your logo on someone’s desk and in multiple individuals’ line of sight many times per day, every day, for years?

Browse our user-friendly website to get some ideas and then call us at 410.685.2679 or email We can get you up-to-date cost and time estimates for your projects. We have a stable of reliable, high quality and professional manufacturers that only work directly with dealers like us to provide hundreds of thousands of goodwill-generating branded products for your next marketing effort, human resources drive, or special event giveaway!

Ordering promotional items on your own can be much more difficult than it might appear. Trying to save money by ordering promotional items yourself with an online vendor might actually end up costing much more, in time, aggravation, errors, re-dos and missed deadlines. Don’t leave to chance some faceless online company missing your important deadline while you try to save a couple of dollars! Let us manage the process seamlessly and effortlessly for you, while you concentrate on your job and what you do best. Let our on-staff experts here at Curry Printing handle the intricacies, details, hidden traps, and secret tricks for you when getting your organization’s promotional products.

T-Shirts & Printed Apparel

T-Shirts & Printed Apparel


T-Shirts & Printed Apparel

Are you looking for a fast, cost-effective, and local resource for full color digitally printed t-shirts, apparel, and bags? Look no further! Curry Printing & Copy Center can print any photo, graphic or design of your choice, and have it ready in as fast as 24 hours.

Our apparel website provides a list of products from which to choose. After you have selected your product, you are welcome to send us your design or we will be happy to set up your custom apparel for you. It is as simple as that!

T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, polos, hats, bags and more…from 1 to 1 million colors, and for the same low price!

Graphic Design & Prepress Services

Graphic Design & Prepress Services


Graphic Design

In keeping with Curry’s tradition of maintaining services in-house all under one roof, we have a staff of experienced design and prepress professionals here to serve you.

Have you prepared your own file? Excellent! We can take your already prepared file, preflight it and prepare it for printing, making sure what you envisioned on your computer screen looks perfect when printed on paper. We take all major software programs for Mac and PC, such as InDesign, QuarkXpress, Illustrator, Photoshop and Acrobat. We even take some of the programs that other printers sometimes complain about (not us, though!), such as Publisher, PowerPoint, Word and Excel.

Do you need some professional advice regarding your layout, style or other specifications? No problem! We can consult with you to make the most of your own creative talents. Do you require a professional to handle the entire project, from concept to design, all the way to printing, but don’t want to pay those high agency prices? That is where we shine!

Call our talented design staff today at 410.685.2679 to set up a free consultation about your graphic design project or email us at We do it right, fast and professionally, all within your budget.

Logo Design

Your company's logo connects with your clients and prospects in a quiet but very powerful way. Often, your logo is the first impression people have about your company, and the feeling they get at first glance may determine their future interest in working with you.

You are a professional company, you need a professional brand. Our creative team of designers would love to work with you to refine or recreate a brand identity for your company that is sure to send the right message.


Misspellings, ineffective punctuation and embarrassing grammatical errors can damage your credibility and hurt your professional image. Even though software spellcheckers catch many simple mistakes, having proofreaders like the professionals at Curry Printing will provide that keen eye and expert understanding of proper English grammar and usage.

The Curry "grammar police" are meticulous in what they do. Whether editing a multi-page brochure or reviewing a single-page letter, we make sure our customers look their best before we go to press.

Digital Printing Services

Digital Printing Services


Digital Color Printing

Yes, we realize that you have excellent color printers in your office! That is why we have to stay one step ahead of the “office” color market. Our latest color digital equipment is so good, so fast, so versatile, and so reasonably priced, that you have to give it a try. We can offer you full bleed on 12×18 coated 14 point stock (that’s pretty heavy!) with solids that will blow your mind. Your equipment is good…that’s why ours has to be even better! We can produce your jobs so fast, with such good quality and sharp prices, that you’ll be wondering why you tried to do it yourself in the first place. Give us a call at 410.685.2679 and we can show you the cost savings you need to let us produce your next color digital job.

B/W Digital Duplication

With the latest in digital duplication technology, Curry will make it so you’ll be hard pressed to distinguish your original from our reproduction. And because our output devices are all networked, your documents need never be “copied” at all. When the occasion arises that you need your copies in a hurry, the high speed capabilities of our equipment are up to the task. Legal and box work is also a cinch. We’ve done it for over 35 years. Nothing can compete with the confidence that stands behind the experience, expertise and professionalism that our reprographics team brings to each and every job.

UV Coating

Want your postcards, business cards and brochures to POP? Try using UV coating! This special coating will not only help your full color images to really stand out, but it will help protect your pieces and make them have a much longer shelf life, saving you cost! UV coating is very inexpensive, so why not let us help you with your next project that needs a POP of color?

Offset & Specialty Printing Services

Offset & Specialty Printing Services


Offset Printing

1-2-3-4 color, there is no substitute for traditional offset printing. Curry has almost 40 years of experience with this tried and true medium, and yet we are not afraid to “push the envelope” with modern digital technology and standards that demand only the best in print production. Equipped with top-of-the-line presses and employing high quality inks and media, we are prepared to tackle the most demanding of your projects. Our capabilities include Pantone Color Matching, digital direct-to-plate technology, and most important, the finesse of dedicated craftspersons. Need your high quality job in a hurry? We can make that happen for you!

Pocket Folders

Pocket folders are an excellent marketing tool! They can be colorful and eye-catching, on interesting stocks and with unique die cutting and foil stamping. Pocket folders are functional, holding important information and marketing materials for your organization. They make a great presentation and can be very cost-effective. Email us today to go over all of your options for this versatile product to review the wide variety of options from which to choose.

Holiday Cards

Let your clients, friends, and family know you care enough about them to send high quality, personalized cards. We can even mail them for you! Call us today to find out more 410.685.2679.

Debossing & Embossing

Debossing works the same as embossing, except the surface of the page is recessed, rather than raised. The processes involve the same types of dies and takes place on a letterpress.

Debossing and embossing can be used as distinctive touches for "showpieces" such as announcements, invitations, business cards, and stationery. Additionally, they can be found in brochures, annual reports, and any other printed piece you want to "pop."

Embossing involves pressing paper between specially-cast metal dies attached to a letterpress. The result is a raised impression on the page that matches the design of the die.

Embossing dies can range from very simple shapes with flat, smooth surfaces all the way to more intricate creations with contours, depth, and elaborate detail. The result always is a crisp, elegant effect that looks great on any printed piece.

Die Cutting

Some printing projects require a nice, straight cut along the edge of the page, while others, need curved cuts, odd-shaped cuts, fancy cuts, or internal cuts. When your design calls for a specialty or unusual cut, call on the experts at Curry Printing.

We can handle any cutting need. With access to state-of-the-art die-cutting equipment, we'll work hard to ensure the perfect cut every time. You can choose from hundreds of specialty dies, or have one custom-made to your own specifications.

Ideas for die-cutting services:

  • Table tents
  • Door hangers
  • Die-cut postcards
  • Rounded corners
  • Keyhole cuts
  • And more

Foil Stamping

Have you been looking for a unique and shiny way to spice up your printing? Consider adding a foil-stamped line, logo, or other design element to your printed page. Use foil stamping to spiff up your stationery, letterhead, business cards, booklet covers, report covers, and presentation folders.

Our foil stamping equipment uses heat to apply a thin layer of metal foil to a sheet of paper. Gold, silver, and a variety of other colors are available. Let the experts at Curry help you choose the right foil or combination of foils, as well as the right placement on the page, to give your piece the perfect look and feel.

Bindery & Mailing Services

Bindery & Mailing Services


Booklet Binding

Plastic coil binding, sometimes called spiral binding, is a commonly used mechanical binding style for creating documents, reports, presentations, and proposals. Known variously as spiral coil, color coil, ez-coil, plastic coil, spiral binding, plastikoil and coilbind, documents bound with this way have the ability to open flat on the desk or table and offer 360° rotation for easier note-taking. Durable and strong, this binding method is can be used for mailed documents. Curry offers spiral-coil-bound spines in many colors and sizes.

Plastic comb binding is another way to secure pages into a book. This method utilizes round plastic spines, 19 rings, and a hole puncher that makes matching holes. Comb binding sometimes referred to as spiral-comb binding, has a large variety of different-sized combs and comes in a variety of different colors to enhance the appearance of your book or manual.

Wire binding, another popular commercial bookbinding is also known by a number of different names, including spiral notebook binding, twin loop wire, wire-o, and double loop wire. Wire-bound materials can look extremely creative when a colorful wire is used.

Perfect binding provides a result similar to that of a paperback book. At Curry, we get many requests to bind software manuals, instruction manuals, and many varieties of soft-covered books using perfect binding. We print the heavy-duty covers separately and attach them at the spine with a strong, flexible glue. We then trim the books on three sides to make them look clean and professional.

Stapling is one of the simplest – and most cost effective – methods of binding available. In addition to stapling loose sheets together through the front of the page, we can saddle-stitch (staple through the spine) magazines and other multi-page items such as catalogs, annual reports, and newsletters. Saddle-stitching is a sturdy, durable, and attractive binding option. The number of pages our saddle-stitching equipment can bind together varies depending on the weight of the paper used, but the results are the same every time: nice, clean, and professional.


When you need high-speed folding, you've come to the right place. Curry's bindery/finishing department provides dozens of different options for folding. Our super fast folders can fold at speeds exceeding 5,000 sheets per hour. If a standard fold isn't what you are looking for, we also offer several hand-folding options for more unique folding jobs.


At Curry, we help you prolong the life of your printed projects.

  • Enables your projects to withstand moisture
  • Increases durability
  • Preserves colors
  • And protects your projects from fingerprints, abrasions, and smudges.
Laminating also has the power to revolutionize your presentations by allowing for hassle-free display of your documents under many conditions. Plus, the glossy finish really makes your piece pop.


Collating is the process of gathering individual sheets and other elements of your printing project and assembling those elements into a final product.

Copiers can collate automatically, but did you know that we can quickly and efficiently collate other items, too? Our high-speed collating equipment can bring together all the elements of your project, saving you the time it would take to hand-collate the project. The next time you have a big project that requires collating, keep us in mind - we make it so easy, you'll never want to hand-collate again.


Curry has very sophisticated, computerized, and large digital paper cutters that are extremely fast and accurate.

Our commercial-grade paper cutters feature high-pressure hydraulic clamps to prevent paper shifting and razor-sharp carbon steel blades to guarantee the most precise cuts.

Hole Drilling

It may sound strange, but here at Curry, we're experts at drilling holes. We have powerful hydraulic paper drilling machines feature many different sizes of drill bits and enable us to position the hole just about anywhere on the sheet of paper. Fun Fact: allow 1/2 an inch of extra margin for three-hole drilling along the side of your sheets of paper.


Many carbonless forms and invoices require sequential numbering. Numbering is an inexpensive and effective way to maintain accurate records and improve organization.

We can number a variety of papers and sheet sizes. Choose from black or red ink, as well as descending or ascending numbers on most printed projects.


Perforating a printed piece can make an easy-to-remove response card, coupon, or customer feedback form.

Curry's wide variety of perforating blades gives you flexibility when designing pieces that need to separate easily. We can also design pieces that can stand up to the challenges of post office mailing equipment without coming apart.

Our highly trained and knowledgeable staff will happily offer suggestions and solutions for all of your perforating needs.

Shrink Wrapping

At Curry, we use high-quality shrink wrap materials to provide you with a secure and attractive method of storing quantities of printed materials. Our process uses semi-automatic equipment to meet demands while ensuring the best quality.

Postal Presorting

Curry's mail presorting services save you money on postage and decrease mail delivery time.

Because we are doing the work "for" USPS, presorted mail is faster and easier for the USPS to process. The Postal Service charges us, and you, less postage. Whether it's first-class or standard mail, we secure low postage rates.

Inkjet addresses

Personalization plays a key role in your direct mail marketing campaigns success. After we print your mailer, we can personalize it for you as we address it, all in one easy step.

Curry can do address labels, barcodes and live stamps. Our equipment can print on just about any surface, including coated papers designed to withstand the brutality of automated Postal Service sorting equipment. Let Curry Printing handle all facets of your mailing job.


From simple, one-page letters in an envelope to multi-piece marketing kits, Curry Printing can put it all together for you fast and accurately. While our high-speed automatic inserters allow us to handle very large projects. We've also perfected an accurate and fast method of hand insertion for those projects which are not machineable.

Post Office Delivery

When your mailing is completed, you are welcome to pick it up at Curry's office, or we can take it directly to the post office for you, saving you the hassle. We are experts at completing the complicated and confusing USPS paperwork, and we have a ton of experience working with the bulk mail departments at the post office. We strongly suggest you allow us to work with the post office on your behalf. We can save you a lot of time and likely frustration. Allow us to handle your mailing project from concept to post office delivery. Curry offers a is a smooth, one-step process that saves you time, money, and stress.

Postage Discounts

The United States Postal Service (USPS) offers significant discounts for volume business mailings as well as nonprofit organizations. These discounts apply to many types of business mail and can reduce the cost of postage.

When you work with Curry, a mailing services specialist, often you can be sure we'll help get the best possible rates given your time deadlines.

Unlike standalone mailing houses, Curry is unique because we have the ability to take your mailing piece from design all the way through delivery to the post office. Does it make sense to have your mailing project designed at one place, printed somewhere else, and then mailed at a third place? Curry can save you significant time and bother when you let us manage the entire print and mail process.

To learn more about postage discounts and designing an effective mailer, visit the USPS's helpful Business Mail 101 resource page.

Tab Sealing

Tabs, (we at Curry call them wafer seals), are often a USPS requirement that should be applied to all self-mailers. Wafer seals prevent the open sides of your mailer from jamming the Postal Service's high-speed processing equipment. Our mailing department can apply one, two, or three tab seals easily as part of our mail processing capabilities. Choose clear plastic, paper, or customized tabs to set your design apart.